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The Number 1 WordPress Text Effects Plugin

This is the premium version of the free WordPress Text Effects plugin. The difference is on pure number of features. The premium version contains currently fourteen different effects and animations.

The effects are implemented by using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery. These are included in all WordPress installs by default so no third party libraries are required to download.

The Effects and Animations

With this plugin it possible to achieve animations that work with each individual character of the word or phrase you have chosen to animate.

Effects include Web 1.0 classics such as blinking text and marquee (scrolling text). Slightly more interesting ones are disco, wave, spell, and pulsate. Type – the type-writer effect is included too.

Below is a sample video that demonstrates how the effects look and how they can be combined. Yes, some of the effects support nesting which creates a whole new dimension of possibilities.

How To Animate Text?

Using the plugin is very simple, and is based on the use of shortcodes. You can go to control panel and select WordPress Text Effects settings. All the supported effects are listed there with examples and the shortcode which will generate the desired effect.

Pick the effect or animation you want and see from the list what shortcode generates it. Then use the shortcode in your content like this:

[blink]Look I'm blinking![/blink]

This will result in a nice blinking greeting!

New Effect Request Accepted

If you happen to have some effect in mind which is not currently included with WordPress Text Effects plugin send a message to plugin author (for example in Creative Market) and ask if it can be built. I guess the answer will be positive.

Spice Up Your Site

Moderate use of well-placed text animations can bring some life to your site. For example you can animate all the headers or bolded words. Be creative and let the plugin work for you.

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