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VHS Glitch Textures

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Golden Times of Glitch

Do you still remember the golden times when television programs and movies were stored in VHS tapes? If you do then you may as well recall the glitches some worn out and dirty tapes produced when they were run in a VHS player.

To refresh your memory Jorge Salazares has compiled a texture set that contains a plethora of pics resembling those flaws in the picture.

VHS Glitch Textures
These VHS glitch textures are a piece of art even by themselves.

High Resolution Textures

The images delivered to you in this package contain all kinds of fuzzy looks, grayscale and strongly saturated, scanlined, static effect, dusty, dirty looks. It’s easy to imagine a lot of practical ways you can take advantage of these textures when creating ├╝ber stylish designs.

There are a total of 87 high-resolution 5000 x 3500px pics in the formats of JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Affordable and Essential

As usual with raw material art work by Jorge Salazares the price fits well in the limits of affordable range. Extended commercial license is available for less than 50 dollars.

If you like creating grunge and dirty looking designs this VHS Glitch texture package is a must have item.

Download Now

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