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Type Writer Font Machina G

Download Machina G Type Writer Font For Windows

Font by Leitmotif

Bartek Nowak is an author of many, and I mean many, different but stylish typography. His fonts range from vintage to modern to future and you can purchase them from his shop under the name Leitmotif. This time we will check out his type-writer font.

Classic Type-Writer Font

Machina G is a vintage and grunge type-writer styled font.

When you want to have your text look like it was written by some early ninetees FBI agent in a room with dim light and cigarette smoke.

But this is just my impression, you can use the retro font in many creative ways anywhere you want to create a classic type-writer look, whether it was your logo, blog, advertisement or styled informative label of your own beer brand!

Grunge Type-Writer Text Example
Example of Machina G – the grunge type-writer font.

Format and Language

Language support includes Western, Central and Eastern European character sets, as well as Baltic and Turkish languages. This means you won’t be running off compatibility anytime soon.

The font is available in TTF format so it works with MS Word and other text editors and Photoshop.

Download Now!

Go ahead and download this very nice grunge font for fifteen bucks. E-publication license is twice that and application license ten times the standard price.

Download Now

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