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Splasher Font

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Universal Language

Bartek Nowak is a creator of visually distinctive typography art. This time he put together a font of universal language.

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Well, it means the font contains no traditional alphabetic characters. Instead all the characters are replaced by stains and spots!

Splatter TrueType Font
Various splashes and stains created by the Splasher font.

TTF Font Contents

There are a total of 94 unique ink, paint, and coffee splatters that can be used quickly and easily in your designs just by typing text letters.

The font is TrueType (TTF) and thus works in image manipulation software (e.g. Photoshop, GIMP) as well as text document editors (e.g. Libre Office Writer, MS Word).

Art By Splashes and Stains
Example art created by splashes and stains of this font.

Useful and Affordable

The pricing is at normal level, a license for digital application use costs ten times more than a normal Desktop license.

If you are creating designs with dirt and life this splasher font can come extremely handy. Damn, I’m going to download this now! 😀

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