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Retro Windows 95 Template Graphics

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Works of Maria Tokar

Maria Tokar is the author of many high-quality and minimal, yet professional design templates. This time we will dive deep into retro digitality in true Windows 95 fashion.

Old Computer Instagram templates

The product is meant to be used with Instagram posts. With this set in use you will impress your followers with old-looking but aesthetic posts and stories!

The set contains lots of UI elements that look like they are from Windows 95 operating system. They will surely bring some nostalgic vibes for people, considering they were already living and using a computer about 25 years ago. 🙂

Windows 95 graphics for Instagram
Spice up your Instagram posts with nostalgic Windows 95™ vibe.

But that’s not all. Precisely used holographic gradients and glitch textures give the graphics a futuristic look.

These decorative items make your posts and stories more dynamic and attention-grabbing. What a nice modern still retro way to promote your content or services.

The Files

After downloading this package you get access to 30 Photoshop files containing 30 unique designs. Fifteen post templates and as meny animated stories templates. Elements can be found on separate layers.

There are also links to fonts that’s being used. The text and colors in the files are easy to edit to perfectly suit your special needs.

If you need instructions the pack contains a PDF tutorial to how to start using the assets in no-time.

Feature Video

Price and Licenses

The files are meant to be used by Adobe Photoshop, so if your already a Photoshop user then moving on to download is absolutely recommended.

The minimum amount you can get your hands on this retro Old Computer Instagram pack is $25 and it gives you a personal license to spice up your personal posts and amaze some friends.

Commercial license is only four bucks more expensive, and is intended for small business use. Extended commercial license costs $100 and has no limits on how you use the included graphics.

Download Now and Get More!

But wait… there’s more! The package contains also over 70 bonus files included in a separate folder. Maria definitely knows how to over-deliver in a discreet manner!

All-in-all the “Old Computer Instagram Templates” product is a good pick considering the affordable price and unique retro Windows 95 style not seen in many places these days.

Download Now

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