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Retro Visitor Counter

Download Visitor Counter For WordPress Legacy Font

Must-Have 90s Gadget

One of the pieces of website snippets that had their hayday in the 1990s is absolutely visitor counters. If your site didn’t have one you just were not cool. 😎

Since that day more and more complex statistic solutions have been appearing, the most famous being Google Analytics. Of course Google Analytics does not show any information to your site visitors so the use case is slightly different.

Retro Counter For WordPress
Retro Visitor Counter in action! (2x size)

Living Dead Has Risen

Now Moki-Moki Ios Corporation has released an authentic Retro Visitor Counter for WordPress platform.

The piece of software and its functionality is straightforward. Just activate the plugin, drag your brand new Retro Visitor Counter widget to a sidebar and enjoy the growing statistics.

Counter Politics

The counter increments by one every time an unique visitor comes to your site. It takes 24 hours before the same user increases the visitor count again.

The plugin is very simple. However, there actually exists a single option. You can choose between dark and light mode so the widget blends nicely to your site’s design.

Show Them You’re Popular

This Web 1.0 era’s trendy widget is a real blast from the past, and available to be used on your site now for only five bucks. You can still collect more comprehensive statistics with other tools and services, but this plugin is a fancy way to boast your popularity to your site visitors.

Download Now

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