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A Product of CyberChimps Inc.

A San Francisco based company CyberChimps Inc. is focused on developing responsive and modern WordPress themes. This time we’ll take a look into their product “Responsive Pro WordPress Theme”.

Marketing Pitch

CyberChimps tell you that with their theme you can setup a responsive website faster and easier than ever before. Sounds like an advertisement! Let’s see.

Responsive WordPress Layout
The responsive theme by CyberChimps Inc. is easy to customize.


The theme has three columns in full mode. With handheld devices the number of column varies depending on the width of the device window.

There are twelve ready-made colorful skins you can choose from, and the font of your site can be adjusted with Google Fonts service.

WooCommerce shop platform and bbPress forum are both supported by “Responsive Pro WordPress Theme”. As far as browser support goes the theme does not support Internet Explorer’s older than version 8.

A Theme Worth To Try Out

The price for this theme is $40 which is about the market standard for WordPress Themes.

When looking for simple and effective WP layout, and you know your target visitors don’t use outdated IE browsers, consider trying out “Responsive Pro WordPress Theme”.

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