Poor Man's WordPress SEO

The WordPress plugin to take control of SEO on your site.

Poor Man's WordPress SEO is a 100% free (GPLv3) alternative for plugins such as All In One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO.

It's time to get the search engine rankings you deserve – without paying a dime!

Plugin Features

Command how you show up in search results! With Poor Man’s WordPress SEO search engines find your content more easily, index your content faster, and give your site a better ranking.

Control Meta Data

Possibility to set post and page meta titles and descriptions. Fine-tune how your pages show up in search results.

Generate Meta Data Automagically

Generates meta description and keywords for you automatically if needed. Just sit back and relax!

Creates XML Sitemap of Your Content

Automatically creates an XML sitemap of your pages and keeps it up-to-date whenever you edit your site content.

Notifies Search Engines of Updates

Google, Bing, and Ask are automatically notified when your content changes. This way they will include your new content in results sooner.

Applies Compression

Makes sure Gzip compression is enabled so your visitors get the content faster.

Displays SEO Status on Dashboard

The current state of your site's SEO is shown right on the WordPress admin dashboard.

Fixes Validation Problems in Content

Takes automatically care of minor validation issues. E.g. fills in missing image alt attributes on the fly.

Displays SEO Status in Post Listings

Helps you to gain understanding of each post's SEO standing with a single glance on the new SEO column of admin panel's listings.

Social Media Presence

Uses Open Graph tags for your content to appear neatly in Facebook. Add your Facebook App ID to use Facebook insights.

Support for Custom Post Types

The features are available for all custom post types whether created by you or another plugin (e.g. WooCommerce).

Easy to Translate

Built in support for multiple languages. Translate the admin control panel content easily to any language you wish.

Google Visitor Tracking

Contains support for Google Analytics visitor tracking. Just enter your site's tracking code via settings, and you are ready to go!

Caution: Poor Man's WordPress SEO is intended for single sites only – it is not tested with, and should not be relied to function perfectly with WordPress Multisite installs.

In addition to the functionality mentioned above the plugin contains many other advantageous features to make sure your site's presence in search engines is and stays as goods as it deserves!

Control WordPress SEO from Dashboard

SEO Information on Dashboard

See the current SEO status of your site on the WordPress admin dashboard. The plugin notifies you here if any critical manual actions should be taken.

Easy SEO pack for WordPress

Simple to Setup

Control the plugin via Settings → Poor Man's WordPress SEO. The options have info tooltips so configuring the plugin is easy even for beginners. The advanced section contains settings that are targeted for super users.

Set post title for Wordpress article

Easy to Set Titles and Descriptions

Set the page title and meta description easily for each post on your site by using the Poor Man's WordPress SEO box below the post content. Interactive SERP Preview allows you to examine how the values appear in search results.

How to Download and Install?

1. Automatically install from WordPress plugins directory

The easiest way to install the plugin is to go to Plugins → Add new on your WordPress control panel. Search for Poor Man's WordPress SEO and click Install now.

2. Download .zip and install manually

You can also download the .zip file and extract the folder to your plugins directory. Then activate the plugin on control panel's Installed Plugins section.

3. Download at Creative Market for Support

If you wish you can download the plugin from Creative Market for $10. This makes you eligible for support and is a nice way to contribute to the development of this plugin. Follow the instructions of alternative 2 to install.

After installing the plugin will ask you to edit the settings. It is advisable and only takes a minute.