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Plastic Wrap Textures

Total of 23 textures of plastic wrapping for your to purchase

Built With Solid Experience

Freelance graphic designer Nick Kempton has steady experience and has worked with names such as Marshmello, Slushii, and Getter. This time we take a look at his high-resolution plastic wrap layer textures.

Textures Wrapped in Plastic

Plastic Wrap Textures can be used in your pic as a layer and it will make the result look like it’s wrapped in plastic foil. This can be extremely cool when applied to album cover pics, tour posters or any other piece of graphic you may happen to design.

The package contains 23 custom tailored textures. Some more wrinkled than others. You definitely won’t need any more textures of this type. If you buy this package I guarantee your plastic wrap layer image needs are done for life.

Plastic Wrap Texture Demo
An example using 4K Plastic Wrap Texture

File Format

The graphic files are delivered as transparent PNG images with dimensions of 4000 x 3550 px. The author recommends using Adobe Photoshop but these files work with any image manipulation software that supports PNG format and layers. I personally have used these succesfully with a free graphic editor GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program).

How to Use In Your Graphics?

  1. Open your image in your favorite image editor.
  2. Load the plastic wrap texture to a new layer.
  3. Resize the new layer to match your image.
  4. Set the blending mode of new layer to screen or linear dodge.
  5. Try to change to opacity of the new layer to find out the best look.
  6. You now have a great image in plastic foil!

Available at Good Price

In case you are short of this type of textures the 4K Plastic Wrap Textures is your solution number uno. The amount of different variations makes this texture pack everlasting regarding your plastic wrap needs!

Download Now

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