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Kawaii Cloud Clipart

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Adorable Digital Designs

Little Red Fox Shoppe from Naples, Texas is known for its handmade adorable digital designs with high quality. The shop takes care of clipart pictures, custom logos, print design. In addition to premium graphics they also offer free material.

Kawaii Clouds

This time Red Fox has created for us a bunch of cute cloud pictures. The package contains fifteen pictures of clouds with a different facial expression on each. The emotions range from love, yawny, tired to sad and shocked. In addition to these there are five free cliparts in the mix.

These cliparts provided are perfect for sticker printing, card making, digital greetings, and of course to be used in blogs and other web design.


The images are in 300 dpi PNG format with an approximated size of 5-8 inches tall/wide each. All of them have a transparent background so you don’t need to worry about cutting them out.

Discount Coupons

Time for a free tip! Before purchasing this emoji pack go to authors home page and see if there is a discount coupon available. Their site also contains event more of their designs.

The author grants you a permission for personal and small business use of these graphics.

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