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Grunge Illustrator Brushes

Download Grunge and Messy Brush Kit for Adobe llustrator Here

RetroSupply Co. & Dustin Lee

RetroSupply Co. shop and author Dustin Lee is producer of high-quality textures and brushes for Adobe Illustrator graphics editor. Now we take a look on the product VectorFuzz Illustrator Brushes.

Based on real life materials

The VectorFuzz Illustrator Brushes pack contains 32 grunge-looking vector sponge brushes you can utilize in Adobe Illustrator.

It took Dustin Lee 18 months to compile this set of high-detail scatter brushes. They are created by using real sponges, inks, and paint, and converting them into vector format.

What you can achieve with these brushes is a nice organic look on whatever graphical asset you are working at the moment.

Grunge Brushes For Adobe AI
These popular brushes are being used by many professional graphics artist.

The Files

After purchasing this pack you will have access to 32 fully scalable and customization-ready textures of grunge-feeling ink and sponges. You will also get a detailed instructions on how to use them in a PDF format.

If you have Adobe Illustrator just check out the instruction booklet and you’re soon ready to go to do some nice organic twist on your work.

Promotional Video

If you are not yet convinced about getting this pack, I recommend you to visit their site and watch a demonstration video of these brushes here.

Download Now

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