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Funny Fruits and Vegetables

Download Funny Fruit Emoticon Set Vegetables Included!

Funny Cartoon Emojis

Viachaslau Vaitsenok is an author of many cartoon character and emoji pictures. Here we take a look on his Funny Fruits and Vegetables set.

Fruit or Vegetable?

The characters in this picture set are all either fruits or vegetables. How does it sound to have amazed banana, proud pineapple, singing star fish, and happy corncob as your merry fellows? Not to mention the smiling cherry. In total there are sixteen funny cartoon characters available.

Provided Files

The delivery contains fully editable pics in as Adobe Illustrator and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS10) vectors, layered Photoshop files, and as transparent PNG pics plus a single huge JPG file. The size of the PNG character pics is 1200px by 1200px so you shouldn’t have a problem because of too tiny resolution.

Smiling Mango Cartoon Pic
Ah, a smiling mango, one of my favorites!

The Photoshop files content is not rasterized but instead fully editable Vector Smart Objects with 16.6’’ x 16.6’’ 300 dpi print resolution images.

Spice Up Your Content

If you’re looking for a smiling mango or nerdy kiwi – hey – this may be just what you’re after! Go ahead and download the set of fifteen funny characters for a low price today!

Download Now

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