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Free WordPress SEO

Free Search Engine Optimization Plugin

Open-Source WordPress Love

This product is under open-source development in GitHub. To make this clear I immediately state that you don’t have to buy this product to use it. Simply download it from the homepage or WordPress plugins portal.

However, if you decide to pay the price you support the development process and have access to rapid customer support via Creative Market. Now to the specifics!

All You Need is OWP

And what is OWP then? It is simply an abbreviation of Open WordPress Theme. The plugin contains all the important features that are strongly recommended for any type of site built with WordPress. User experience has been an important factor in development of the plugin’s features. So both pros and amateurs like the way things work.

There will be a new widget in the admin dashboard that gives you a nice view of SEO standing of your site with a single glimbse. Also post listing contain a new column that is either green or red, good or bad standing of the post’s SEO status.

Free WordPress SEO Settings
The new SEO partition on post edit page comes with WordPress SEO plugin.

Important meta data such titles and descriptions are generated automatically. However, you may want to change them and for that there is a new SEO partion in the post edit page. There is also a SERP preview view that gives you a sneak peak how the information looks on search results.

Automatic analytics are run for your post content and the plugin givse you useful hints if anything could be done better.

Grunt work such as automatical generation of sitemaps and notifying Google, Bing, and Ask when you update your content is silently taken care of for you.

Active and Open Development

One of the great positives of this plugin is the way it is worked on. You can view all the source-code in GitHub, and if you wish even participate the programming by yourself. The plugin is kept up-to-date when WordPress releases new versions.

Purchase to Support

This plugin is free but if you want to show your support or believe you may need some direct help go ahead and purchase Open WordPress SEO today!

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