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Big Emoticon Set

Huge Emoticon Package For Download

There is Lots of Them

JuliJuli a.k.a Julia is a Russian artist that focuses on doodles and seamless patterns. This time we’ll focuse on her bright colored Big Emoticon Set.

First of all the name is pretty describing since this really is a BIG set of emoticons. In total there are 246 hand-drawn emojis.

The Looks

Let’s take a look how these new friends of us look. There are 36 yellow emoticons, 36 flat emoticons, 36 outline stroked, 33 square emoticons, 33 square emoticons with rounded corners, 36 pink heart emoticons, and finally 36 red heart icons.

The emoticons express feelings from the whole human range. Laughing, winking, crying, yawning, angry, suspicious, whistling, and more actions and emotions are featured in this combo package.

Hand drawn flat emoticons
These 36 yellow flat emoticons are also my favorites.

File Formats

You will have a ZIP file with 246 PNG pics with transparent background and resolution of 3333px x 3333px. So each icon is on its separate pic file. There’s also 7 sheets of the emojis. One sheet in Adobe Illustrator, one in EPS10, and one in JPEG format with a resolution of 5000px x 5000px.

Nice Set for a Low Price

The personal usage license for these emoticons is just five bucks, so the return of investment is quite high. And commercial license is three times that – not bad at all.

Especially the pink and red heart emoticons are my personal favorites, and may come handy every now and then. Check if you like them!

Download Now

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