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Back to The 90s Theme

Download Retro WordPress Theme With 90s Vintage CSS Here

Legendary Retro Theme

A one of the oldest and most legendary creations of Moki-Moki Ios Corporation is this notorious retro WordPress theme for the free WordPress publishing platform. As the name says this theme truly makes you recall those golden years of 1990s.

Or even you we’rent even born back them? That doesn’t matter since the look and feel of this great product is universal, not tied to a place or time. 😃

Screenshot from
Screen capture from the demonstration site.

Multi-columns, Limited Fonts

The template can be used with one or two columns and the main content sits in the middle.

Fonts are something the theme classically disregards – only Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman are available. Don’t worry, they worked in the 90s and they do their job nowadays as well.

Modifying the theme is easy.
Pro tip! Use the WordPress customizer.

Easy Customization

Sidebars supports all widgets you get your hands on, navigation menus, Facebook buttons, tags, category lists, and not to forget the most important – animated GIFs!

The theme contains also a built-in support for responsive picture gallery if you happen to like posting photos or other pics.

Customization is easy and straightforward by using WordPress customizer. If there still is something you can’t tweak the theme allows you to write custom CSS to achieve it.

Here is a demonstration video to give you an overall feel of the theme.

We have some technial issues but let’s not let them to stop us. Nothing can stop us from getting back to the 90s!

There were some issues with embedding the video here so go straight to Back To The 90s Retro WordPress Theme homepage to view the video.

Modern Engine

After all this you must be surprised that the theme is built on modern HTML5 and is entirely responsive making it work as well in your phone as in your mama’s home computer.

Back to The 90s retro WordPress theme is also light-weight and fast so your site excels in the search results as far as this part of SEO work is concerned. The theme is built by using common WordPress coding conventions to guarantee smooth functionality with to zillion plugins you may want to utilize.

Look Cool

If you yearn back to the 1990s or just want to look oldschool, the best tip I can give you right now is to purchase the Back to The 90s WordPress Theme today!

Download Now

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