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Avocado Emojis

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Fresh Greetings From Canada

Canadian designer Janette Lodermeier loves to create cute and colorful characters. This time she has to offer some fresh and impressive emojis in the form of vegetable introduced next.

Avocuddling avocados
Bonus poster material included in Janette Lodermeier’s Avocado Emojis pack.

Be Cool With Avocado Style!

This pack contains fifteen green and handy emojis that look just like… avocados? Yes, avocados they are and in every emotion you can imagine! There are howling, laughing, loving, crying, grinning, and shocked emojis with sun glasses and heart-shaped eyes. You name it.

File Formats Vector + JPEG

The emojis are delivered as illustrator Ai vector files so you can recolour and more importantly resize them as much as you want without losing sharpness. Also high quality JPEGs are included.


Bonus Material Included

This product also contains a bonus. That is three cool avocado posters as PNG files. Above you can find an example of one poster – Let’s avo-cuddle!

Gallery of Available Avocados

Cute avocado emojis. Kawaii!
Now you can get your hands of these fifteen cute avocado emojis as vector or high quality JPEGs.

When you want to express the vast array of different feelings, do it with style – stop hesitating, download now, and do it with avocado style!

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