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Army Font

Dowload Military Setting Army Type Of Font

Red Studio Production

Alisa from Red Studio shop is dedicated artist creating backgrounds, textures, and other illustrations. Now we are taking a look on her Military font.

Font and Bonus

Military font is grunge-looking piece of typography you may envision to appear in many army contexts. It can be used in any of your designs requiring rough and tough image.

The font consists of uppercase alphabet, digits, and some special symbols.

Bonus material is also contained in the deal. That is two military backgrounds, one with camouflage and other with American flag.

Army Font Download
Character sample from the military army font.

Files and Formats

The font is delivered as EPS, AI, PSD, and JPEG files. JPEG dimensions are 4000 х 3000 pixels. Please notice that you can use this font in image manipulation programs, i.e. Photoshop, but not in text document editors such as MS Word.

Price and License

The pricing is divided in three licenses: desktop, electronic publication and application. Desktop has the lowest price and application ten times higher.

When your design calls for an army atmosphere using this military font is a great way to achieve that.

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