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Yo! This site is a live demonstration of the Back to The 90s retro WordPress theme. The demo version of this theme is available via this website. However, to reach the most authentic 90s vibes the full version is recommended. You can get the full version for $10 at Creative Market. Cheers!

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Temporary Purchase Link

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There are some technical issues with our partner Creative Market. In the meanwhile, if you want the theme to be mailed to your PayPal email address, you can purchase it here. Paypal:

Mobile Support with Responsive Layout

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Choose a Theme That Works When you are choosing a theme for your site one and perhaps the most important aspect is how it will work in different devices. It’s important to make sure the theme you choose is responsive. As someone has said… In 2010s – if your site... Read More

WordPress shorttags for blinking and scrolling

Use Shortcodes to Create Blinking and Scrolling Text

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The Power of Shortcodes Shortcodes are a way to add some logic into your normal post text content. In WordPress shortcodes are a keyword inside square brackets like this: [shortcode]content[/shortcode]. Back to The 90s retro theme offers you the possibility to take advantage of shortcodes to present two popular HTML... Read More

Leila K 90s Vibes

Some Leila K To Inspire You

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If you are looking for some energy check out this classic from the 90s. It’s Leila K’s Electric. It was released in 1996 by Mega Records. This song, among many others ofc, have been the holy inspiration for developers of the Back to The 90s Retro WordPress Theme. I hope... Read More

Netscape Browser with HTML5

Get Retro Vibes With Modern HTML

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This is Back to The 90s – . It has all the major features a decent 90s website can hope for including: animated gifs, cool backgrounds, harsh fonts, background tunes… all in an iframe-like layout. However, although it looks like a 90s page, under the hood it is a modern... Read More