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Unicode WordPress Theme

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Meet Mr. Udara Jay

Mr. Udara Jay is a web designer who states creating the next generation WordPress themes. This time we’ll look does his “Unicode WordPress Theme” (later just Unicode) fall into that category. Exciting!

Focus On Your Content

Unicode attracts with its simplicity. The whole layout is built using your very own text as a design element.

The text content is the most important aspect of almost any blogger and this theme highlights it nicely. If you happen to have a article image or other pics on the post they are still displayed.

The Unicode layout with pics
The focus is on text but images are displayed as well.


What is comes to sharing the theme is designed so the pages are displayed optimally on social media such as Facebook.

The theme also has a built-in support for Google Analytics. You only have to copy-paste your Analytics code for the theme and it is automatically placed on all pages. This may save you a one plugin purchase.

Another plugin-type of addition is a built-in email subscription feature. You can embed the section wherever you like. In the future you can integrate with Mailchimp to deliver your marketing emails.

SEO & Performance

During the building of this theme the author has considered the search engine optimization (SEO) of your content, and one of the most important factors on user exprience – the speed.

The theme is “Built to load instantly” and has a content preload functionality to make your site even faster.

Simple Is Beautiful

If you are looking for a simple, even minimal WordPress theme which also have a bunch of nice features Unicode may be what you are after.

After the purchase you are eligible for all forthcoming updates considering this theme, and will receive a notification when new version is released. I mention this since the theme is in development and the content of future releases looks promising.

Wallet-Friendly Price

You can have this theme for only $29 which isn’t a bad price for this features and elegant layout. Go ahead and try it out!

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