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Robust Private Messaging

Do you run a WordPress site with multiple registered users? Are you looking for a way to effectively communicate between the users of your WordPress site? Look no further! WordPress Private Message plugin makes it possible for the users to send private messages for each other.

User Interface & Logic

The user interface of the plugin is extremely clear, simple, and easy to grasp.

Users can manage received messages in their own inbox and sent messages box keeps track of the delivered messages. Compose view user enters recipient username into autocomplete field, set message subject, and fill in the actual message. When a message is sent a new conversation is created.

Once a message is sent or received it can be viewed on the Message tab. Message tab shows the original message as well as any replies to that conversation by both parties.

Enable WordPress messaging
Inbox, outbox, and compose view is clear and easy to use.


As an administrator you can set message limits for each user role. It is also possible to set email address for notification of messages received by the admin.


You can use the shortcode [private_message] where you want to show front-end UI of the Private Message Plugin.

In the options you can set inbox and sent box reload interval for automatic polling for new messages. You can also control whether the users can send message to admin or each other.

If you allow members to only send messages to admin this plugin can be used as an WordPress site helpdesk plugin that stores the conversation history with admin and normal user.

Communication is the key!

Private Message is a great plugin to enable communication between your WordPress site users. The UI is simple and easy to use, and conversation history with replies is displayed clearly.

If you need to create a support helpdesk or enable messaging between your site users Private Message is handy and affordable plugin I wholeheartedly recommend you to check out.

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