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Poop Emoticons

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Meet Irina Mir

The author of this odorous graphical output, Irina Mir, is an animating illustrator and a video game graphics artist.

What is This Crap?

This time Irina has whipped up a totally cool set of cartoon poop with emotions. The emoji set contains poop characters with happy, blinky, shocked, crying, and loving type of feelings to name a few. There are total of twelve emoji pics in the package.

Poop in love
This was staring back at me in the toilet.

Hip Style With Moderate Colors

The style of graphic is trendy – minimalistic and flat. Colors are used moderately – there are a total of five different basic colors used.

Delivery Contents

After you have purchased the set you get your hands on EPS vector files as well as layered PSD (opens with Adobe Photoshop) graphics.


If you want to use this elegant crap commercially select the extended license when purchasing. It costs you about ten times as much as a personal license but it is worth it if you’re going to make some cash with these fabulous emojis.

Download Now

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