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Outrunner Retro Font

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Back to The 80s!

Do you recall how it was in the 80s? Vibrant colors, discotechs, and dance music. Even if you weren’t even born then the retro font Outrunner will reshape your memory!

This classic is for diverse use and supports wide array of image and text editors.

Suitable for Diverse Use

The retro vintage script is suitable for logos, blog headlines, merchandise and probably anything where you need ultra-stylish text.

The font contains lowercase, uppercase, numerals, alternates, punctuation, and diacritic characters. To get the best out of it it is recommended to use the opentype alternates that makes your text look interesting.

File Formats

Supported file formats are OTF and TTF so you can use this beauty in Photoshop, MS Word, and other editors.

Outrunner text example
Example use of Outrunner font.

Get the Outrunner

Straighten up your mullet – it is time to get back to the 80s!

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